Artists’ Alley

Artists will receive a confirmation of their attendance on the Artists' Alley, only after a portfolio selection. EECC Artists' Alley is a place for individual projects, or projects of 2 artists, but under no circumstances more. Collaboration projects between 3 or more artists, can request an exhibitor booth at the regular price.

Bring only your work, not your friend's work, not your family's work or anyone else than yourself. Copyright infringement will result in losing the artist booth, and restriction from ever attending EECC's Artists' Alley.

The concept of “Artists Alley” is not something new to the great conventions from abroad. The last decade has determined the development of this idea on an international level, transforming it in a recruitment area for big visual arts and graphics companies or those that publish comics. This concept was introduced for the first time in Romania in 2009 at the Nijikon Festival in Bucharest and, since 2012, Japan Play Transylvania offers this opportunity to the young population of Cluj.

Artists’ Alley is a special place for individual artists who wish to display their talents in drawing, graphics, painting, design.
Comic Con is here to help young artists and offers them a place where they can sell their own creations, meet fans and sign autographs. Due to the fact that the space on Artists’ Alley is limited, those who desire to take part in this activity must sign up either using the form below or send their CV and a portfolio containing their work at [email protected] ,after which those selected will be contacted.

The Artists’ Alley is dedicated to those who want to sell their own creations which are comic book, anime-manga, superhero, Fan Art, Gaming, TV series and movie themed. Examples of products that are sold in this area: Posters, Prints, Pins, Shirts etc.

Since EECC has moved to Romexpo, we have to rent each piece of furniture. We provide all selected artists with a free space, each of  3.2sqm(1.6x2m), leaving them to pay only the price of the table, chair and tablecloth.
TypeRegistration Period/Date No. of ArtistsSqmWidthDepthTablesChairsRegistr. Fee3.2sqm Floor SpaceFurniture
Selected09.09.2016 - 31.03.201716 173.21.6 m2 m21 or 218€ +VAT212€ +VAT50€ +VAT
Not Selected09.09.2016 - 21.04.20176 43.21.6 m2 m21 or 218€ +VAT

212€ +VAT
106€ +VAT

50€ +VAT
25€ +VAT

Rules and regulations of the EECC for the Artists' Alley

1. Artists’ Alley is a place dedicated to offering young artists the chance to sell their creations and advertise themselves within the festival.
2. The works presented at the Artists’ Alley must be Comic Books, Illustrations, Concept Art, Graphic Novels or Animation related to any theme of the event, such as fantasy, sci fi, games, comic books, TV series, anime/manga etc.
3. Participation at this activity requires purchasing an entrance ticket for EECC, and pay 30 Euro+VAT on the confirmation day. Each artist has 10 working days to confirm his spot on the EECC's Artists' Alley.
4. Each artist can bring one or more helpers to take his/her place at the stand or to help sell his/her works. They will also have to purchase an access ticket. However the basic rule of the EECC's Artists' Alley is that the Artist/Author must sell his work himself.
5. The minimum age required to participate at the Artists’ Alley is 16. In case the participant is underage (under 18), the contract will be signed by his/her legal guardians.
6. Those wishing to participate at the Artists’ Alley can send their portfolios and CV starting with the 14th of December 2015 until the 8th of April.
7. Artists are required to attend all 3 days of the event and cannot participate on a single day of the EECC.
8. The selected artists will prepare the works they wish to sell at least 2 weeks before the start of the convention, when they will send us, via email, pictures of said works (prints, drawings, plushies, figures, badges, hand-made objects etc.) This way, the artists will confirm their presence at the festival. In lack of confirmation, participants will loose their reserved stand.
9. There will also be a back-up list for possible withdraws. For further details on this matter please contact us.
10. After confirmation, participants will benefit of a reserved stand and advertising on the website and our Facebook page.
11. Participants at the Artists’ Alley will present themselves on Friday May 27th, between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. to arrange their stand. Arranging the stand until the official opening(14:00 pm) of the festival is mandatory.
Arrangements consist of:

  • Positioning the table/tables (if solicited).
  • Exhibiting the works destined to be sold.
  • Establishing the price of each object and offers (if necessary), before the arrival of  the public. These can be modified afterwards according to each artist’s preferences and strategies.

Decorating. Decorations mean any type of object that comes with the stand, which can make it more appealing. Also, objects meant for the activities organized by the artist within his/her stand can be included as decorations.
12. Artists are allowed to advertise and attract clients through multiple decent methods, in order to sell their works. They can bring laptops, monitors, create videos etc. (in case they require sockets, participants are asked to bring extension cords, however Romexpo charges for installing each socket!). They cannot use audio materials, in order not to create a chaotic atmosphere and disturb the official organizing. In case of using inadequate methods, artists will be sanctioned. The promotion can only take place in the designated area, in this case the artist's booth. Distributing flyers and other promotional materials outside of the stand/booth is prohibited.
13. Participants at the Artists’ Alley have the permission to organize, within their stand, interactive and attractive activities for the public: contests, raffles, commissions, live drawing, ingenious offers etc.
14. Any object destined for selling on the Artists’ Alley must be the artist’s creation entirely. Using works or prints which do not belong to the artist (works taken from other artists, from the internet, scanned or taken from friends etc) in order to advertise or sell is strictly prohibited. Examples: traces, modified drawings, colored art lines, drawings having a different base etc. Any deviation from this rule result in permanent removal from the Artists’ Alley of the East European Comic Con.
15. Drawings aimed at a mature (18+) audience will be kept in a closed folder and will be allowed to be shown only based on an ID card. These works can be sold only by those of age to those of age.
16. For safety, the stand must permanently be supervised by the artist or his/her helper. The East European Comic Con organizers do not take responsibility for stolen or lost objects!
17. Deteriorating the furniture or materials offered by East European Comic Con (tables, chairs) or the surrounding space (walls, floor etc) is prohibited. In a case of a damaged furniture the artist will be held responsible and will have to pay for the damages.
18. Due to the limited space, artists will be given a fixed place, outside of which they are not allowed to display or perform any commercial activity.
19. Using pornographic or excessive violence, offending minors, racist or xenophobic materials is prohibited.

Sign-up – Artists’ Alley

Please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

Full Name (mandatory):
Email (mandatory):
Portfolio - Link (mandatory):
CV(Curriculum Vitae) PDF/DOC (mandatory):
Specifications (optional):
Description of the Artist (mandatory):
Description of the merchandise (mandatory):

By sending this email you agree and are subject to the rules mentioned above!