The Quiz Competition is the perfect ambient to show that you’re a big fan of video games, Japanese animations and comic books, TV shows and movies. Similar to televised quiz contests, Quiz will take place Gaming Hall, where each series of competitors will stand behind a desk, choosing from 3 proposed categories of questions: AnimeGaming or Movies, Comics and TV Shows. The one who will succeed to answer the fastest receives a point for each correct answer, leaving the top 3 contestants to confront each other in the final round.

How does it work?
The questions will be asked in English and will have 4 levels of difficulty, Level 1 having the lowest difficulty and Level 4 the highest. The time allotted in order to answer a question varies depending on the level of difficulty.  
A level 1 question grants 1 point, level 2 grants 2 points, level 3 grants 3 points and level 4 grants 4 points.

Example of a level 1 question: What is the name of “Dragon Ball Z” main character?
Answer: Son Goku.
Rules of the Quiz competition at East European Comic Con

General rules 
a. The present set of rules describes the Quiz contest of the East European Comic Con. Any amendment to the regulation will be announced on the official website of the festival. 
b. Quiz contest participants must read, accept and comply with the contents of this regulation. 

2.Signing up 
a. The competition is open to people of any age, the participants under the age of 18 will have to bring a declaration of consent, written and signed by one of their parents or legal guardians (together with a copy of their ID) in which they state the fact that they allow the participant to join the competition. 
b. The signing up to the competition will be made by sending an email with your name and phone number to [email protected] The period for signing up is between the 1st of May 2016 and the 23rd of May 2016. Registrations after the 23rd of May will not be taken into consideration. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR EMAIL AS YOU WILL RECEIVE THE DETAILS FOR THE COMPETITION ON THE 24th/25th OF MAY 2016. Contestants registered via email, will get an invitation for May 27th.
c. Contestants may also sign up on Friday the 27th. For details, you will have to contact the staff of the stage where the quiz is held.
d. Competitors must know English! 

3.General rules of conduct 
a. Obscene gestures or words towards other contestants, volunteers, presenters, jury members, spectators or organizers are strictly prohibited.
b. Contestants are bound to follow the instructions of the EECC staff and volunteers.
c. The presenter’s decision is final and irrevocable and must be accepted as is. Manifestations of possible complaints are allowed only outside of the festival area, in order not to disturb other contestants or the spectators.  
d. Participants must be on time for the quiz contest activities (brief and stage presentation). 
e. Disobeying the rules of conduct will lead to disqualification. 

4.Contest development and organization 
a. The competition will be held in English! 
b. The competition is split into series; each series is composed of 3 competitors. The date and hour of the competition will be announced on the website 
c. The questions will be read in English by the presenter of the competition. 
d. The questions are read from the official card.
d. The three categories are:Anime; Gaming; Movies, Comics and TV Shows.
f. The questions are constructed by the EECC team with 4 levels of difficulty. Level 1 with a low range of difficulty and the Level 4 with a very high level of difficulty. 
g. Competitors will have access to a microphone and a button they can press to signal they know the answer to the question asked by the presenter. 
h. When a competitor knows the answer to a question he will press the button and give the answer using the microphone. 
i. If the competitor gives a correct answer he/she will be awarded points like this:
A level 1 question grants 1 point, level 2 grants 2 points, level 3 grants 3 points and level 4 grants 4 points.
j. If the answer is incorrect, the competitor cannot give another answer to that question. 
k. The competitors with the higher scores will qualify to the next stage and get an invitation to the next day of EECC. 

5.Requirements for sign up form 
a. Surname, name, email address, phone number. 
b. CNP -personal identification number (signing up using a fake CNP will lead to disqualification from the competition). 
h. Information from the sign up forms will not be published and will be accessed only by the Quiz contest organizing team. 

a.  The Quiz presenter will have all of the correct answers and will grant the scores based on that information. 

7.Clauses and final terms 
a. Before signing up, participants must make sure they have read the set of rules and have understood the rules entirely.
b. Organizers reserve the right to modify the set of rules and announce any further modifications on the Festival website, or in case of force majeure they can make changes right before the competition start.
c. Precise hours of the Quiz contest and any other stage of the contest will be announced on the Festival website.

Sign up for the the Quiz Competition

Send an email to [email protected] that contains the following:


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Email address:
Phone number:
Nickname (optional):
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