Sector 7 it’s a subversive humor group and an eggplant salad. A mixture of comedians, actors and script writers gathered together in one of the very first groups that thought the Romanian Internet what viral actually means. They raised the Lamb to higher glory with #nimicnou and are taxing the bad jokes abuse with the Jokes Police. Come to Comic Con and see Alex, Teo, Raul and Andrei in a panel that would knock you off the Iron Throne.

Nimic nou (Nothing new) is an online humor show produced by Sector 7 and hosted by Teo. The project was born in 2013, when Teo joined Raul Gheba (Stand up comedy, Catavencii) and Radu "Piticigratis"  Alexandru. They were three people tired of the non-humor in the Romanian Vlogsphere, so, inspired by shows such as Tosh.0 or The Soup, and with the help of Sector 7, they created Nimic Nou. Ever since, once every 2 weeks, #nimicnou the vlog that took the 'sogor' term into the mainstream, comes out. For the #nimicnou panel at Comic Con, the Sector 7 team will offer you live entertainment, as if you would watch an episode of Nimic Nou.