The participants of the contests will have free access at EECC, ONLY on the day that the Cosplay Contest is taking place. All participant are required to be on stage for the Awards Ceremony. Saturday for ECG Qualifier and Sunday for the EECC Cosplay Contest.

„Cosplay” was born by combining the terms „costumes” and „play”. This particular activity means that one must be able to embody in the best way possible a chosen character either from the real world, or an imaginary one (may it be a movie, a book or a video game hero, a comics character etc.)

The Cosplay Contest is for all the people truly passionate about animations and comics, movies and video games, who wish to give life to their favorite character. These persons, also known as „cosplayers”, are supposed to make their own costumes, which have to be as similar as possible to the ones worn by the chosen characters. Even the tiniest details will be taken into consideration: the seams and stitches, the materials used as well as the elements of adornment. It will also matter greatly the way in which the cosplayer manages to replicate and to imitate the gestures, the manner of speaking and the non-verbal language of their character of choice.

In the last few years, the Cosplay phenomenon has become widely known on an international level, even though in its beginnings it was seen as a secondary activity. Cosplayers from all over the world are competing between each other through their abilities to perfectly imitate the characters that they wish to portray, but also through their self-made increasingly-complex and spectacular costumes.

East European Comic Con hosts cosplay competitions on Saturday and Sunday, as follows:

  • On Saturday from 13:00: the Saturday general cosplay competition (short GCC), both for solo and groups, and qualifiers for the following international cosplay competition: EuroCosplay (short EC) for solo and Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup (short C4).
  • On Sunday from 12:00: the Sunday general cosplay competition (short GCC), both for solo and groups, and qualifiers for the European Cosplay Gathering (short ECG) international cosplay competition.
  These are the rules for Saturday and Sunday, for GCC and EC, C4 and ECG qualifiers. Please read them carefully, you will also find instructions on how to fill in the registration form.  
General Rules and regulations for all Cosplay Competitions
  • General regulations.
    1. This set of Rules describe the exact way in which the Cosplay Contest of the East-European Comic Con will take place. Any ulterior changes will be announced on the official site of the Event.
    2. Each and every one of the participants must read, accept and respect the given Rules.
    3. The cosplay competitions takes place on Saturday, the 19th of May 2018, from 13:00 hours and Sunday, the 20th of May 2018, from 12:00
    1. Registration
    1. General Cosplay Competition (GCC) –
      • Participation to this competition is not age-restricted. Contestants below 18 years of age must produce a written statement/declaration signed by one of their parents or legal tutors, who will authorize the under-aged competitor’s participation. The declaration will also include a copy of the Identity Card belonging to the parent/tutor who signed. When it comes to Group Registrations, the person in charge must be able to show all the statements signed by the parents/tutors of the under-aged members of the group.
      • EC, C4, ECG qualifiers – participants must over 18 years old and Romanian citizens or legal rezidents of Romania (for detailed information about this, please write to us an email to [email protected])
    2. Registration to this Competition will be done by filling the form linked at the bottom of the rules.The registration period is until Wednesday, May the 4th, 11:59 p.m., GMT +2. The registration form will not be available from that moment on.
    3. There is a limited amount of contestants allowed to participate for this day of competition, working on the principle of first come, first served. We have a limited time on stage and when the performance audios times reaches a certain added limit, we will draw the line. Contestants registered in the period mentioned above, but that surpass the limit will be notified. In case of later dropouts, they will be allowed to participate if they wish to.
    4. Contestants are allowed to participate with the same costume on both days of cosplay competition (Saturday and Sunday), but only if their performances are different - different audio and different performance/acting on stage. Our audience comes both on Saturday and Sunday and we do not want them to watch performances on replay.
    5. Group registration will be made by only one person, the group-leader, who will fill in the form with the personal details of each group-member.
    6. If the email address is filled in correctly in the registration form, the contestasts can change the other info they provide, or they can change the audio file up until the deadline. The image files cannot be changed. The audio files will be verified and saved after the registration deadline is over. Changes to the audio files will not be accepted afterwards, unless requested by the organizers, in the following 3 days after the registration is closed.
    7. The number and type of prizes will be:
      • Saturday: GCC: Best solo cosplay, Best Prop, Best Technique, Best Group. EC Romanis 2018 finalist; C4 2018 Romania finalist group.
      • Sunday: GCC: Best solo cosplay, Best Prop, Best Technique, Best Group; ECG 2018 Romania finalists (solo and groups)
      • The Comic-Con staff may add or change the prizes, in case of emergency and according to the Jury’s advice.
    8. A contestant/group will not receive two prizes in the same day ( one cannot receive EuroCosplay representative and Best Costume in the same time, or Best Group and C4 representative in the same time, or Best Costume and Best Prop in the same time).
    1. General conducting rules
    1. Obscene gestures or words towards the other competitors, volunteers, Jury, audience or people in charge/organisers are strictly forbidden.
    2. The participants must follow and respect at all times the instructions related to organising given by the volunteers. Under no circumstance are the contestants allowed to act out of their own free will during the preparations of the contest and while the contest is taking place.
    3. The Jury’s decision is final, and cannot be taken back and must be accepted as such. All potential issues and disagreements can only be expressed outside the event’s location, in order not to disturb the other competitors or spectators. Participants are permitted to ask the Jury for supplementary explanations in private, only after the awards ceremony has ended.
    4. All participants must be present in due time for the cosplay activities (judging and stage performance).
    5. If contestants fails to show up for the competition without previously announcing, they will be banned from next year’s competition. An emergency phone number will be provided via email.
    6. If contestants fail to answer the emails sent by the organizing team that need to clarify issues regarding the registration, they will be disqualified from the competition.
    7. The ones who will not respect these conducting rules will be disqualified from the contest.
    1. The organization and the sequence of events of the competition
      1. The contest is separated into two categories as follows: solo and groups. They both take place on Saturday and Sunday and the Saturday GCC and the Sunday GCC are two different competitons with separate prizes.
        • The solo contest requires individual participation and will underline the importance of the costumes crafted by the participants, combined with the presentation on stage, though a performance.
        • The group contest requires groups of 2 people up to as much as 6 people for the General Cosplay competition and groups of 2 for the C4 qualifiers and groups of 2 or 3 people for the ECG qualifiers. Both craftsmanship and performance are taken equally into consideration during judging.
      2. All contestants may use the lighting available on the stage. Special requests will be thoroughly described in the competition registration form, but we do not guarantee that all the requests can be handled (example: 0:00 – dim light for 5 seconds and then goes slowly to bright; 0:20 – spot light on the contestant for 15 seconds; 0:50 – overall red light on the stage; 1:10 – red spotlight on the contestant and it slowly goes to dark in the next 15 seconds)
      3. Competitors may bring props to use on stage, as long as these do not interfere with the development of other performances or events which are being carried out on stage (due to their weight, heaviness or the time needed to move them around etc.). Competitors are not allowed with confetti, fake snow or any other props made out of small parts that are hard to get off stage or hard to clean.
      4. Participants will have access to a microphone, but it would be preferable that the potential dialogues of the performance would have been already recorded.
      5. Jumps from stage or any other stunts that may hurt participants or spectators are strictly forbidden.
      6. Types of costumes accepted:
        • For the General cosplay competition (both Saturday and Sunday): Cosplay inspired by any character (manga, anime, series, games, animations, movies etc.) or by a real person (actor, singer, media personality etc.) is accepted, as well as crossplay, genderbend cosplay. Human versions of animal characters are allowed as well, but might get lower points for resemblance with the reference, as well as genderbend versions. Cosplay inspired by fanart is allowed,as long as the artwork is not made by the cosplayer him/herself.
        • For EC, ECG and C4 qualifiers: characters from anime, manga, comics, video games, movies, TV series, comic books, etc. that have official reference , personal creations and fanarts are not allowed, nor genderbend versions for humanized versions oh animal/creature characaters.
      7. The cosplay competition has two stages (it applies on both days, Saturday and Sunday):
        • Judging, during which the participants will meet with the members of the Jury to discuss and present their self-crafted costumes and props. This phase will take place before the stage performance (and after it, if there is not enough time to finish judging all contestants before the performances), behind closed doors (public will not be permitted access). Each solo contestant will have around 2-3 minutes with the jury. Groups can meet the jury together, especially if working on the costumes was a group effort. The amount of time a group gets with the jury is about 5-7 minutes, depending on the size of the group.
        • Stage performance, during which the competitors will put on display the costumes they have created together with their skits/performances. This part of the contest will be carried out in the presence of the jury and the public, on the main stage.
      8. Time-frames given to the contestants on stage are:
        • Solo category - up to 1:30 minutes for each performer
        • Group category:
          • 2-3 participants – max 2 minutes
          • 4-6 participants – max 4 minutes
    1. Participants will be allowed in the cosplay area on the day of competing together with a helper only if necessary.
    2. Participation on both days rule:
      • General Cosplay Competition (GCC): a solo contestant or a group that registered ONLY for the GCC in one of the 2 days cannot participate for GCC ONLY on the other day with the same costume(s).
      • Only contestants/groups that register for EC, ECG or C4 qualifiers can use the same costume on both days, provided that they have different performances (different audio).
      • A contestand can participate solo and in a group on the same day, only of he/she uses the same costume (there is no time for changing into several costumes)
      • A contestant/group can participate in GCC and international competitions qualifiers in the same time (there is a tick box in the registration form for additionally participating for the qualifiers – see below)
    1. Requirements included in the registration form and useful information about it:
      1. First you must choose the day you want to participate in and the type of contest (solo or group)
      2. Full name, e-mail address, phone number. Make sure you write the email address correctly, the form remembers the information provided linked to the email address and thus you can change in info you provide and the audio file until the end of the registration period.
      3. Nickname, for those who have one. Nicknames will be used for introducing the contestants on stage. If there is no nickname, the real name will be used. Group name for the group category instead.
      4. Personal Identification Number or ID number for non-Romanian citizens (the participant using a fake Personal Identification Number will be disqualified).
      5. A tick box with the text “I/We also want to participate in the qualifiers for…”. Tick the box only if you want to participate in the international competition qualifiers held on that day.
      6. Images of the chosen character for the competition (called reference photos), out of which at least one has to show the full costume (minimum resolution demanded:800x600) – maximum 3 images for solo and maximum 6 for groups.These images must present different angles of the same costume, with the purpose of informing the Jury in the best way possible. In the case of groups, one single image with all its characters is also requested. (could be a collage)
      7. (optional) Images snapped during the stages of crafting the costumes (WIP or work in progress photos), which explain to the Jury clearly the concept or the idea used by the participant (optional) – maximum 10 photos or 10 collage photos.
      8. An audio file with the sound of the skit or the performance. The format must be .mp3 to 128, 160 or 192 kbps with CBR. Its duration must respect the specifications made to the 4. h. point. Video files are not allowed due to the placement of the stage. Please do not send links to youtube or ask us to edit your audio files. Contestants must provide their own audio support.
      9. A short description of the stage performance, required so that the volunteers can intervene as fast as possible, in case of need. Please do not tell us the idea behind your performance, but exactly what you plan to do on stage (eg. I will walk from side to side and then do some fighting moves / I will do a dance the first 30 seconds and then I will do a dramatic monologue/etc). Please try to keep it concise, you have a 500 characters limit.
      10. Other requirements and observations( lighting, props that will be brought to stage, important details etc.). EECC does not provide any stage props for the contestants (except for a table and a chair if needed)! All the contestants must bring their own props for the competition!
      11. After filling in the form, press Register. A green highlighted “Data saved” message will appear on the top on the registration form. You can change anytime the info in the form until the end of the registration period, except for the email and image files uploaded.
      12. After the first registration, you will receive an email from the staff letting you know that we have received your registration and also letting you know if you need to change or add something. If you haven’t received an email within a week from the registration, please contact us at [email protected]
    1. Judging rules for all the costumes:
      1. The share of scores is 50% craftsmanship - 50% performance for both days of the competition and for both categories (solo and group):
        • The craftsmanship score is 50% of the total and is detailed as follows: 20% resemblance to the reference, 20% technique (quality of work, choice of materials, difficulty of techniques, cleanliness of work) and 10% complexity ( number of techniques and types of materials used, overall difficulty of the costume).
        • The performance score is 50% and is detailed as follows: 25% performance plan ( how well thought is the performance, if it represents the portrayed character(s), if the props are properly used within the performance plan, sound quality) and 25% stage presence (acting and mimic, movement on the stage, lack of stage fright).
      2. When deciding who the representatives for each international competition, the Jury will take into consideration the requirements of each of the three competitions (for example, for EC, costume – 80% and performance 20%, for C4, costume – 40%, performance 60% and for ECG, it’s 50% - 50%). This way they will decide on the most fitting winner for each competition.
      3. The Jury members will be announced on the event’s website and social media.The staff may change members of the Jury, in case of emergency.
    1. Weapons and costumes policies
      1. Weapons and costumes must be created in an unprofessional manner, in order to be admitted to the contest. The term „unprofessional” means that a costume must be made by the participant, by a member of the team or by a family member, with direct involvement of the contestant in the creative process.
      2. It is strictly forbidden the access to the contest with costumes which are bought or entirely custom made by others. The only exceptions made are regarding costumes having SOME pieces or accessories bought, provided that most of the costume is created manually. The competitor must know that the final score will be influenced by other people’s intervention in the making of the costume. Contestants that will be found will be found with purchased costumes will be disqualified and will not be allowed to participate next year either.
      3. According to legislation, we are obliged to establish some limits for the accessories and props permitted during the contest: knives, swords, Shuriken etc. They have to be made from non-metallic materials. In some particular cases, metal props are accepted, but only with the accept of the Cosplay crew. Contact them at [email protected] for details. The objects must not have sharp blades (the blades have to be blunt) or tips (which have to be rounded). The bows will not have wire and the arrows will not have pointy tips. Guns and replica of weapons must be marked with a yellow or orange circle on their tip, indicating that they are fake. Weapons with any type of ammunition (plastic balls, staples etc) are strictly forbidden. Airsoft weapons are not allowed. Metal chains longer than 20 centimeters are not allowed (if they are longer, they must be made of another material or plastic). Parts of costumes that are made out of metal are allowed, as long as they are not dangerous to the visitors of the convention, meaning no sharp edges or pointy edges/tips. In case somebody brings a costume that can be deemed as dangerous, the staff will kindly ask the cosplayer not to wear the costume in the venue or he/she will be asked to leave the premises. Anyone not respecting these rules will be disqualified.
      4. The performances will be decent. Any gestures, obscene dances or with sexual implication will not be performed on stage. Exhibitionism is not accepted. A respectful behavior towards one-self and the audience must exist at all times. Jokes with sexual innuendo are not allowed, unless the non-sexual meaning is at least as easily understood as the sexual one.
      5. Costumes must be also decent. East European Comic Con is targeting a wide audience-range (as well as under-aged children), so the performers must wear costumes which are not offensive and can be viewed by the general public. The minimum accepted is a bathing suit. Any type of thongs, see-through or very small underwear will be covered by a cape/ short pants/skirt/dress etc.
      6. Fire-crackers, fire-works, pyrotechnical devices or anything that can jeopardize the competition is strictly forbidden.
    1. Clauses and final terms
      1. Before signing up, the participants will make sure that they have read the full Regulation and that they have understood all the Rules. For any questions or issues, the e-mail address [email protected] is at your service.
      2. The organizing team and the staff have the right to change and modify the Rules and Regulations and to announce the modifications on the website.
      3. The exact time-frames for the judging, the contests and all the other events will be communicated via email to the contestants and will be thoroughly respected. Please check your emails on a constant basis to see if you have received any news from our team.
    Sign up for the ECG / C4 / EC National Qualifier & GCC

    European Cosplay Gathering (ECG)

    East European Comic Con is hosting the qualifier for European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) competition. The qualifiers are open to citizens with residency in Romania. The winners will represent Romania at the the Grand Finals in July (Paris, France) @ Japan Expo having the travel and accommodation covered.

    The qualifiers will take place on Sunday from 12:00 for both groups and solo acts.

    The Jury will be composed of international cosplayers with a vast experience in participating in competitions, crafting and performing. They will be announced at least 20 days before the competition.

    EuroCosplay Championship (EC)

    East European Comic Con is hosting the qualifier for EuroCosplay (EC), a cosplay competition focused on craftsmanship for solo contestants. The qualifiers are open to Romanian citizens. The winners will represent Romania at the the Grand Finals in October in London (United Kingdom) @ MCM London Comic Con, having the travel and accommodation covered.

    The qualifiers will take place on Saturday from 13:00.

    The Jury will be composed of international cosplayers with a vast experience in participating in competitions, crafting and performing. They will be announced at least 20 days before the competition.

    Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup (C4)

    C4 Kjc Photography 01
    C4 stage

    East European Comic Con is hosting the qualifier for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup (C4), a cosplay competition focused on performance, aimed at duo groups (2 person groups). The qualifiers are open to Romanian citizens or citizens with residency in Romania in the last 3 years. The winners will represent Romania at the the Grand Finals in June in Den Haag (Netherlands) @ Animecon, having the travel and accommodation covered.

    The qualifiers will take place on Saturday EC qualifiers.

    The Jury will be composed of international cosplayers with a vast experience in participating in competitions, crafting and performing. They will be announced at least 20 days before the competition.

    EECC General Cosplay Competition (GCC)

    Comic Con will host a Cosplay competition, that focuses on both craftsmanship and performance and it has the following categories:

    • The Solo Cosplay Category: participation will be only individual, the competitor showcasing a very well assembled and complex costume of his own. The grade given by the Jury for the costume the performance of maximum 1:30 minutes.

    • The Group Cosplay Category: it applies to groups of 2 members up to 6 members. The final grade is given by the jury for the costumes the participants made  and the performance held by the contestants as a group.

    Both Solo and Groups categories will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

    The Jury will be composed of international cosplayers with a vast experience in participating in competitions, crafting and performing. They will be announced at least 20 days before the competition..