Wear a costume or take a picture with those who do, either way enjoy EECC!


Meet all the celebrities on the main stage, ask your questions and they shall answer.

Photo Op

Professional photo sessions with the actors guests. Special Ticket is Required


Actors present will sign autographs to those who bought an autograph ticket.

Cosplay Contest

Don't just wear a costume, perform in it on the main stage!


More than a third of EECC is dedicated to gaming with a lot of major IT companies!

Props & Booths

Comic Con has a lot of set-props from various movies an series!

Photo Booths

There are also many booths designed as photo booth for you to get the best selfie!

Cosplay Parade

For anyone without a skit or a self-made costume who wants to be on the stage


Either dance on your favorite K-Pop song or watch an amazing dance performance

Trading Card Games

Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, YuGiOh! or any card game has a place at EECC.


Relax your feet and sit for a tabletop game with new or old friends!


Start shopping for geek culture related products available only at booths.

Artists' Alley

Meet local and international artists, and commission a special drawing...

Special Exhibits

Sometimes you find a Lego exhibit, other times Comics and more stuff...

Street Food Heroes

Relax your feet and sit for a tabletop game with new or old friends!

Cultural Exchange

Special areas dedicated to a country or a culture from some corner of the world.

New Tech

Find the latest tech available and try it! EECC is the largest IT&Gaming event

Test Your Skills

Sometimes you can even find a job, many companies look for young talent at EECC!

Meet new friends

Yes, many friendships have formed at Comic Con! So why stay at home?