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East European Comic Con


The event celebrates pop culture since 2013 in Bucharest, Romania and it's made by Yuzu Events & Comic Con.
EECC brings together all those who love Comic books, movies, TV series, Sci-Fi and fantasy, Gaming, Japanese culture, Anime, Manga, boardgames, trading card games and last but not least, technology. It is no secret that the famous San Diego Comic Con International was the main source of inspiration when we tailored our event. After many editions, East European Comic Con has became one of the most important events of its kind in Europe and the most important event in Eastern Europe.
Therefore, the main and official language of the event is English.


What do we want?

EECC is the main place where Fantasy & Sci-Fi fans can meet their favorite actors, authors, artists, they can talk to them and have the opportunity to participate in special Photo Ops/Autographs sessions with them. Also, this convention is the meeting point for all the geeks. More over, EECC offers to vendors and exhibitors the possibility to interact face to face with a valuable audience. In doing so, within the event days, EECC develops a marketplace with proper products for the Comic Con universe.

Reaching our main goal to become e one of the top European events, we're now aiming to reshape the marketing industry around a new generation with different set of values and hobbies. At the same time we focus to increase the number of tourists that visit Romania, as our event welcomes geeks and gamers from all over the world.


How it was?

East European Comic Con started in the spring of 2013 with different activities and contests. Even at its first edition, EECC successfully gathered more than 9000 “geeks”. Moreover, it opened the door to some fruitful partnerships and friendships. For two days, fans could participate in a Cosplay contest, LOL Contest, Quiz Contest or Illustration contest, they could talk to artists and see a different side of their favorite actors. Victor Drujiniu – artist for DC Comics and Dark House, Remus Brezeanu – the artist of The End of Times of Bram&Ben, and Puiu Manu – one of the best Romanian comics artist, were some of the 22 artists present at EECC 2013.


As for the actors, John Rhys-Davies and Finn Jones were the ones who ‘openedComic Con. John Rhys-Davies is known for the role of Gimli in Lord of The Rings, or Sallah in Indiana Jones. Finn Jones is known for playing Ser Loras Tyrell in the TV series Game of Thrones.


The second edition was hosted at Romexpo, a venue far larger than the 2013. Romexpo is dedicated to large exhibits, concerts and conventions. And it is the largest of its kind in Romania. 

EECC’s 2014 guest list included Jason Momoa known for the role of Khal Drogo in HBO hit series Game of Thrones, Mark Sheppard known for the role of Crowley in Supernatural and Natalia Tena known for her roles in Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.


Third edition took place only at Romexpo on a 12000 sqm. Whit a strong guest list: Manu Bennett known for the role of Crixus in hit series Spartacus & Arrow, Robert Knepper known for the role of T-Bag in Prison Break and John Noble known for his roles in Fringe and Lord of the Rings, Osric Chau, known for Supernatural, Kristian Nairn (Hodor in Game of Thrones) and Dan Starkek (Strax from Doctor Who). The youtube guest, featured the UK's top youtuber, Michael Stevens known as Vsauce! But also a lot of local youtubers.


Forth(27–29 May 2016 - 38,000 visitors) edition featured actors like Mark Pellegrino, Charles Dance, David Anders, Sylvester McCoy, Daniel Portman, Gemma Whelan, while the Fifth edition(05–07 May 2017 45,000 visitors) Craig Parker, Tom Wlaschiha, Nathaniel Buzolic, Christopher Judge, Ellie Kendrick and Jefferson Hall .