Please read the event website completely before ordering your tickets.

The EVENT is referred to as East European Comic Con 2024 at Romexpo 19-21 April. Also abbreviated as EECC.  

The CUSTOMER is the person who bought the tickets and has proof of buying them.

The TICKET is a fiscal registered paper (hardcopy or eticket), that entitles the customer to receive an access wristband.

The ACCESS WRISTBAND is a non-fiscal proof of access worn by our customers to enter and exit our event an unlimited number of times.   

The ACCESS POINT is located at the entrance of B3 Pavilion of Romexpo, and all our customers will have their tickets scanned.

The CHECKING POINTS are entrances(B3, B1 and Central Pavilion) where the EVENT’s volunteers check the access wristband of each person entering.  

The TICKET POINTS are points where people can buy a TICKET for the EVENT.

 By attending our event, you are aware of the fact that the event has a huge amount of photographs and videos taken by attendees, organizers, or exhibitors.  You are entitled to your privacy, and if you value your privacy and don’t wish for your face to be in videos or pictures please DO NOT ATTEND EECC!

If you see any pictures online that you don’t wish to stay there, please kindly ask the entity to delete the picture. We can only delete pictures published by us.


Tickets buyer and tickets holder rights

By buying a ticket to East European Comic Con / Transylvania Comic Con or other Comic Con events in Romania, you agree with the below rules and regulations, but also have the right to be served and treated with respect.

Please keep your email, bank statement, or receipt of the tickets bought. Unless you can provide proof of buying the tickets, you, a family member, or a friend, we have no obligation to assist you in any way. If you resell your ticket, you forfeit your rights. Tickets in Romania have taxes. Unless you have a contract with us allowing you to sell our tickets, those are not resellable.

As a ticket buyer, you hold the right of complaint on all the tickets bought! If you are not the buyer but the ticket holder, you need to ask the buyer to formulate a complaint with the proof of acquisition of the tickets for the ticket! All eTickets have the name of the buyer on them, the buyer is our customer and he holds the rights to complaints.

eTickets / Tickets are non-refundable and non-resellable!

Electronic Tickets are non-refundable and you cannot resell them. We understand that sometimes, unplanned things happen, but since the risk of fraud is too high, we reserve the right to cancel any ticket that is present on platforms like OLX, lajumatate, publi24, viagogo, okazii, or any other website. Read the disclaimer on the ticket for more.

Tickets for events or concerts are not subject to the EU 14 Days guarantee return policy!

When you buy online, you have a general right to cancel without having to give a reason under the Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83/EU (CRD). However, this right to withdraw (known as the 14-day cooling off period) does not apply to certain leisure activities that take place on a specific date or period of performance. This includes ticket sales for events.

You are not entitled to a refund if you change your mind about going to the event or you can no longer go. Your right to cancel depends on the trader’s cancellation policy. Check the terms and conditions of the contract and follow the cancellation procedure (if there is one).

There may be restrictions on whether you are allowed to resell the ticket to someone else. The ticket may be subject to conditions that it cannot be transferred to someone else and can only be used by the person whose name is on it. Some official ticket sellers have fan-to-fan exchange systems or partnership with other online ticket marketplaces. Check the ticket seller’s website for the terms and conditions of resale. 

eTickets are sent via eMail (I can’t find my eTicket in the email)

eTickets are sent to you as PDF attached in an email which you need to have already opened on your mobile or print out and bring them with you, at the event. Most of our clients receive their PDF tickets within 3-5 minutes if the payment is completed. If your ticket has not arrived even after 24 hours of having placed the order, please contact Entertix team at [email protected] or by phone +4 0748-110-111. Most of the time it is due to the customers misspelling their email, or the email being categorized as Spam/Junk.

General Access Tickets

ONE General Access Ticket can be used by only ONE person for ONE DAY unless it’s a 3 Days Ticket then it can be used by ONE person to receive an access bracelet for all 3 days. Ticket are marked with the day,  and regardless of being marked hours they can be used for: Friday 15:00-20:00(19th of April). Saturday 10:00-19:00(20th of April). Sunday 10:00-19:00(21st of April).  ABONAMENT or 3 DAYS TICKET, can be used for all 3 days of the event

General Access tickets provide you access to the event perimeter of our event, including access to the Panels(Q&A / Talks) with the actor present at the event. However, access to an area is subject to the rules and regulations of the event and Romanian Law. At some times some areas can become very crowded, which would require us to limit access to those already present in that area. Buying a ticket means you also agree with this! 

Access Wristband and General Access Tickets

ONE General Access Ticket grants you ONE Access Wristband, and it will grant you access to the event for the duration of the entire schedule of that day (If 3 Day pass, then 3 days)Take care of it, do not cut it, do not take it off. Taking it off will mean forfeiting the right to access the event. If a person decides to leave the event area, they would not be able to return with the used ticket.  

 Children and General Access Tickets

Children under 6 years old have free access under the following rule: 1 Child + 1 Adult holder of General Access Ticket / 2 Children + 2 Adults holder of General Access Ticket. In this case, he receives a wristband if the parent allows it. Children under 4 years old are not required to wear the wristband.

The festival will have some areas that are not suitable for children, so any person under 14 should be accompanied by an adult. We highly recommend that parents attend the event along with their kids; after all, it can be fun for everyone regardless of their age.

ALL CHILDREN UNDER 14 YEARS OLD MUST BE ACCOMPANIED AT ALL TIMES BY A MAJOR ADULT OR A PARENT. East European Comic Con has no responsibility if any harm has come to the child. Be aware EECC is a crowded event!

People with Disability and General Access Tickets

A person with a disability is allowed to access the event for free, for one day only(Friday or Sunday), if they present a European Disability Card or if he/she submits to our email(contact [at] comic-con.ro) documentation has to be sent at least 30 days before the event

The deadline for submitting for a disability-free entrance 30 days before the event. 

Animals are forbidden at Comic Con!

Pets(Animals) are forbidden at the event unless they are trained assistance dogs.

*An assistance dog is a dog trained to aid or assist a person with a disability.

Autographs or Photo Ops Tickets DO NOT INCLUDE General Access Tickets
Photo Op and Autograph tickets are an extra service for those who attend EECC and have bought or hold a General Access Ticket.

General Access Tickets DO NOT INCLUDE Autographs and Photo Ops

Autograph or Photo Op tickets must be purchased as additional tickets online. We only sell them online, to facilitate refund in case such refund is needed. General Access tickets are available in Carturesti stores, Entertix, and on our website or at the event, at EECC Ticket point.

Buying Autographs and Photo Ops

Yes, you can buy Photo Op and Autograph tickets before buying a General Access ticket, but you need a General Access ticket to use the Photo Op and Autograph tickets. We cannot guarantee that you will find a general access ticket, for the exact session and day you want to attend if you don’t buy it as soon as possible. Be sure of which day and session a guest is doing photo ops/autographs before purchasing your admission tickets.

Number of people in a Photo Op

At the request of our celebrities, we limit the number of people in a picture with an actor to four. We make NO exceptions to this rule. Only ONE person can be in a photo-op for the price of one photo op ticket. For four customers, you would need four photo op tickets. One child under 6 can take the picture together with one Adult holder of a photo op ticket.

Retakes of the Photo Op

Please do not wear glasses as sometimes glare effect will occur. Retakes are only possible if the actor’s photo op sessions are not sold out.



We have zero-tolerance for any form of racism, harassment or bullying! Tolerance, acceptance of differences, and inclusion of all is our main foundation!

If you would like to interact with any of the visitors or guests of our event, please ask permission. If you would like to take a picture with a person in a costume, please ask permission.

Any act of bullying or harassment will result in losing access to the event. If you are a witness to such a spiteful act please take a stand and also inform our security and staff!

All acts of harassment will require the injured/bullied party to submit a formal complaint to the police!

Under under no circumstances, any costume or sign of hatred, racism is allowed. In the event you spot such a costume or sign, PLEASE CONTACT A MEMBER OF THE STAFF IMMEDIATELY OR THE POLICE. Members of staff can be identified by their badge having “STAFF” written on it.

Weapons Policy

It is forbidden to wear or use weapons or replicas inside and outside of the halls unless they are blunt and non-metal. Any usage that causes damage to anyone or any object will be your responsibility and you will be punished according to the Romanian Laws.

In other words, keep your swords and knives into their sheaths, or any other sharp objects away from people. The SuperParamedics that will be present at Comic-Con may use their healing power but sometimes they are just not fast enough.


Any weapon carried by anyone inside the Autographs, Photo Ops, or Panels Area, will be confiscated by security services. All the other weapons sold inside the festival must be kept in their boxes! 

First aid

In case of someone feeling faint or getting hurt, contact the Paramedics located outside and inside the B1 Hall or the medical service at 112!

Lost items

During the festival, found objects are brought back to the information desk (INFO POINTS) which keeps them until the end of the festival. If we find the lost objects, we will keep them until after the event, to allow you to get them back.

You just have to send us an e-mail (contact [at] comic-con.ro) with a precise description allowing us to identify the object you lost. Then we’ll get back to you.

If items are still unclaimed, 3-4 weeks after the event, we’ll post a picture with them on Facebook. After 3 months all Lost & Found will be destroyed/recycled or trashed. 

Cosplay changing rooms (TBA)

We will only provide dedicated changing rooms for the cosplayers who are part of the on-stage EECC Cosplay Contests. 


 Means of payment

CASH – Romanian currency is LEI (RON), the average exchange rate should be 1Euro for 5 RON, and 1USD for 4.7~ RON. Please make sure you change your money in LEI (RON) since very few exhibitors will accept USD and Euro. Before you reach the registers, to save time, please prepare the exact change.

CREDIT CARDS – Although we encourage exhibitors to have POS for the Card option, not all exhibitors may have such a means of payment. Sometimes the POS fail to connect to the network, so please be aware of this ahead of the event.


ATMs are NOT available at the venue, ONLY in the vicinity. Within a 10-20 minutes’ walking range, you will find ATMs. MAKE SURE TO VISIT ONE BEFORE ENTERING THE EVENT.  

Food and Drinks & Relaxation (Romexpo OUTDOOR)

We have focused on creating a safe place where you can try the best food, “StreetFood Heroes”. All other places nearby Romexpo Platforms or outside are not under contract with EECC. Don’t forget to regularly drink water as it’s very hot, both in the waiting lines and inside the convention halls.

Romexpo(The Venue) Halls:

B3 Pavilion: is for the entrance and toilets.
B1 Pavilion: is for Exhibitors, Gaming Area, Actors Area and Japan Area.
Central Pavelion(A) is the home for the Main Stage.

The Main Stage will host Cosplay contests, and also your favorite internet celebrities (animators, vloggers, comedians, cosplayers, etc.) and see the latest movie trailers and exclusivity brought to you by the largest movie studios in the world (Marvel, Disney, Sony, Universal, Paramount, and MGM). Here is also where you attend the famous Panels(Q&A) with the actors and artists attending EECC.

The Actors Area is the place where you can meet the actors if you bought an extra ticket (Actor Ticket). You can talk to them(at the autographs) BUT WEARING A MASK, or make a picture in the Photo Ops area alongside the actor or get a personalized autograph signed by the actors just for you.

The Vendors & Sponsors area is the place where you can buy your Comics, Figures, T-Shirts, Books, and many other geek stuff, you can also meet the artists on the Artists’ Alley and more importantly, enjoy the HBO Max Area

The Gaming Area will be filled with games and gaming gear novelties from biggest companies like(2019 LIST): Omen by HP, Aorus, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, LG, eMAG, Ubisoft, Dell, PC Garage, TP-Link, Trust Gaming, HyperX, Hama, RGDA, Orange, Playstation, Nintendo and many more