The Board games and TCG area is the place where you can become a hero facing different creatures and obstacles, challenging your imagination! Here’s where multiple board games and trading card games will be played.

Board games

Are parlor games. With the help of a map, some pawns and personalized dice, the player uses a strategy to reach certain targets, and the one who manages to be on top of everyone else wins the game.

TCG (Trading Card Games)

Is exactly what the name says and is part of the strategy games involving special sets of cards. TCG requires collecting cards while the rules and way to play are specific to each type of game. The cards are illustrated with characters, creatures or abilities, allowing players to duel during matches. They can be purchased by each player before starting the game and, during the match, each of them uses his/her own set. By participating at multiple game rounds with other fans of the genre, each player can create their own battle style and personal tactics.